Friday, November 13, 2009

Google Wave on Ubuntu

Long time no post, but I must write about this.

Google Wave is finally ready for the select few to try and provide feedback. I'm so in!!!

Its supposed to enable communication and collaboration at the same time. My favourite way for working and relationships. The idea itself tells me that sharing information and working together just got far easier.

What's more, I'm not on the standard windows-IE/Firefox combo, so I get to take a look and discover new stuff. So far...

Logged in, nice interface. Somewhat self-explanatory, though I'm certain nosing around is going to reveal interesting stuff.

There are two standard welcome messages, one of them with a welcome message and video tutorials which are "read-only" - already I get the feel of what it may mean to edit something landing up in my inbox....

This is what it looks like in Firefox on my Ubuntu:
Unfortunately, the video tutorials are not playing any sound on my machine in Firefox, but work fine in Google Chrome.... Is this a bug or what?

This is what it looks like in Google Chrome on Ubuntu (which is also a beta). Though in this case, Chrome is definitely working far better than Firefox for Wave. More space on the screen (which is a definite bonus when you are Waving). Plus the audio works....

Opera is currently not supported. Nor is IE (of course). Actually, better way of putting it is that Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported.

The video is of Greg Product manager for Google Wave in Australia. He describes a Wave as "a shared space where you can discuss and work and communicate with friends and colleagues using text and videos and photos and maps and all sorts of interesting stuff..."

And so it seems to be from what I've seen so far.

Its rather simple. You click contacts to start waves, the navigation panel on the top left is pretty much like email and social networking mixed up and simplified.

I'm quite enjoying the simplicity and high usefulness which is something I've started associating with Google. Its still quite buggy, but very exciting. Watch out - This is going to take over online communications!!!

On the other hand, its also going to cause a wave of monitor upgrades. Anyone who is still using small screens for their computers is just going to.... want more real estate to Wave with.

Well... since this is a post about my first impressions and neither a review nor a tutorial, I guess I'll have to stop here and head off to Waving.

Will login with my Windows and take another look at the thing and post back later.