Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Checking AdSense Earnings

Most bloggers I know seem to be obsessed with their AsSense earnings. Many use the firefox widget to have their current earnings right there in their browser. Others keep logging into their various accounts periodically.

It brings a sense of achievement to see them rising through the day, but really, how much time do we spend staring at something that will happen anyway?

Of course, some of my friends have shared that they can keep an eye on things and know that something is wrong immediately (including problems with the site, if pageviews are not rising). Other common reasons include checking the impact of their latest changes to the site and understanding patterns in timings when the site is most active.

I don't really have the capability to understand this too well, nor the time, so when I look at my earnings, its usually about staring at them with a little satisfaction (they seem to be growing slightly).

What do you see as a "good" frequency to check, and how do you think it benifits the way you do things?


1 comment:

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Obsessively checking Adsense earnings.

Every waking minute.