Saturday, September 13, 2008 - Exhorbitant and Incompetent

In a world of professionalism, stands out as scammers of the worst kind. If you are thinking of using their imcompetent webhosting services, DON'T.

I have started working with Resonate Consulting for documentation and research. These are really patient and generous people willing to understand difficulties. Naturally, knowing my experience with running websites, they wanted me to update their site and add a blog.

Sure, I thought. Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. This was two months ago. The backend opened a can of worms that I still haven't found the bottom to. This is obviously a shared hosting. These guys charge Resonate Rs.10,000/- a year for the hosting. And what does Resonate get for that price? Their html files served to whoever visits the site.

Problems? Where do I begin?

There is no way to access the home directory in the backend - the user doesn't have rights. I tried every folder I could think of and then some, and I still have to discover where the original files are. This means, I can't update the site.

There is no way to add a blog. I tried everything I could, and nope. Not happening. I can add a subdomain, but not a database. Surfing to that subdomain gives me a 400 error.

And support? Try the number on their site. Always busy. When you get through to someone, they don't have time to talk to you. Some dude there actually hanged up on me when I asked him what the package was for Resonate Consulting. Another time, when Vikram (one of the consultants at Resonate) called them up, they didn't even want to know what he wanted and simply asked him to email support. Those emails have not been answered to this day.

There is insufficient space for email, and some of the most important business email IDs bounce client mails unless they are emptied regularly. Upping the quotas doesn't seem to have much of an effect.

It just makes me mad to think of people being fleeced like that.

Now let's compare this with the hosting for my site that Mochahost provides me. I pay $89.10 for 2 years (about Rs.4,000/-) This is a fifth of what these guys fleecing Resonate charge me. For this amount, I have complete control over my site, databases, subdomains, etc. I have Fantastico for one click installs of common site softwares. If I run into problems, I have never needed to make a phone call - emails are addressed in a few hours - a day at the most.

So why in the world should anyone want to host their sites with such imcompetent resellers? Unfortunately, our requests to shift our site to another hosting and for them to release our domain for it are also not being answered.

I am trying to figure out what to do next. Probably consumer courts.....

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