Friday, October 17, 2008

Hosting blues

I'd written a long time ago about how I started working for Resonate Consulting and am running short of time leading to sheer neglect of this blog.

Actually a large part of my problems are from the incompetent hosting providers their site is hosted on. We have been trying to get them to release the domain (that WE paid for) for the last three months, and they have perfected a strange form of deafness that no matter how much we yell, our request just doesn't seem to reach them.

Its a really frustrating situation, and quite illegal I'm sure, but it doesn't help us, as we don't want to get caught in years of legal tangles with basically our professional identity online and our official email addresses hostage to their whims.

Wish me luck folks.....


Vampire Daze said...

Good luck!

Love the name of the site by the way, it gave me huge chuckle. Came by your post on Blog Catalogue. I'm glad I did. Gave it a nice thumbs up.

Hope you can drop by mine sometime :)

Vidyut said...

Thank you Vampire Daze. Enjoyed your comment.

I dropped by too.