Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Tips to an earning blog

  1. Write regularly
  2. Spend some time once in a while to look at your earning, but don't obsess - spend that time in working toward getting traffic
  3. Invest your traffic and income efforts among various services - don't put all your eggs in the google basket. Try other ways of monetizing your content or getting traffic like Direct-link-ads, Linkworth, Chitika, Payperpost, Sponsored Reviews or any of the many programmes out there - these ones work very well for me.
  4. Create a schedule and stick to it - come rain or sunshine.
  5. Divide your time between content, presentation, promotion and income management - in that order.
  6. Brainstorm for perspectives that could add fresh value and meaning to your blog
  7. Interact with other bloggers and respond to the comments you get
  8. Use your social networking profiles to create an interest in yourself and share your blog as another way to know you.
  9. Add a reference to your blog in your signatures on emails and forum posts and links when you comment on other sites or share videos, etc. If you have photo albums, use your link as a watermark on the most interesting photos.
  10. Don't get hooked to any one of these and keep your mood flowing and presence relaxed on your own blog, as well as other places you frequent online.
Promoting your blog for more traffic is an art and a science. Losing sight of either will not help.


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Vinnet said...

Thanks for the information. Good that u r earning good money from yo r blog. I ll see if i can also.

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Vidyut said...

Thank you for including my post thatsblog.

Good lick to you Vinnet!!!