Friday, July 18, 2008

ScribeFire review

I use ScribeFire to post on my blogs. Its quick and convenient and allows me to post to all my blogs from my browser. So if I find a site that is interesting, I can staay with that site as I write about it.

If you are a blogger and don't have scribefire, you are missing out. Go get it now (I'm assuming you are already using Firefox - If you aren't, get THAT first).

Anyway, I have recently experienced this problem with ScribeFire where the posts I publish are filed as pending review in my WordPress (not here, of course). Blogger works fine.

Additional whines:

  • I have include a lack of a list of available tage/autocomplete, so I risk creating unnecessary and duplicate like tags for my posts.
  • Shows some strange errors after closing its blogging window about the API of my platform or similar. To date, I haven't figured out any problem this has created beyonf the inconvenience of clicking away those alerts.
  • Having the blogging tool at my fingertips all through my browser experience tempts me to post more often because of sheer accessibility.
  • Much of the good bits work - copy pastes (including media), uploads via API or FTP, etc.
  • Picks up Urls and stuff from the browser or clipboard making linking much easier.
  • Posts to multiple platforms LiveJournal Xanga Windows Live Spaces Performancing Tumblr MySpace b2Evolution Splinder
  • Is extremely convenient an dsupports the objectives of a blogger.


Arkengal said...

Cool. I'm getting it right now.

I-HATER said...

Well mate , I could offer you a better alternative. There are some browsers that I DO NOT HATE. One of them in particular happens to be the ,FLock Browser.

It basically has firefox at it's core and has many socially forward features including a built in blog editor,photo uploader,1 click digg submissions...
This beats Firefox + Scribefire by such a margin it's not EVEN FUNNY!

How do you think about a link exchange ? I'm putting you in my blogroll anyway...


seafarer said...

I downloaded scribefire a long time ago without really understanding it. I just started using it and it does make blogging so much easier.

Vidyut said...

Thank you for your comments.

Arkengal, I hope you enjoy the experience.

i-hater, I'll take a look at Flock. Who knows I'll write about it as well..... I'll take a look at your blog and add it here if it fits.

seafarer, I know what you mean. I had had scribefire for quite some time before I began using it and once I began....

seafarer said...

I just found Flock and I like that much better than Scribefire. Flock is amazing.

Vidyut said...

yes, seafarer, I can see what you mean. I have just downloaded it myself, and I think i-hater for suggesting this. It seems awesome!