Friday, July 24, 2009

Google Gods bring no rain

I wonder what is happening with my websites. All of a sudden, the traffic has gone down like....
Visitors are like....
I wonder what in the world is happening. Its happening on my other sites as well, but okay, I'd been fiddling with the design there. This one, I've done nothing but post.
On the other hand, this blog is largely neglected, and I've made changes here too. But its going up. Searches I've done before show me sites I've never seen before. Page ranks for many sites that were healthy earlier, including mine are 0.
What in the world is Goodle up to?
Some say its a new update. I say its not working. Not for my site well being, or my searches finding me what I want.

Anyone else going through the same? Anyone have a clue?

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