Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick SEO Tip

You hear about things like long tail keywords, Wordtracker, Hittail... and you begin research on how to get those three and four word phrases into your content so that you may benefit from the highly targetted traffic they could bring you. Loads of effort, all to the good.

There is one quick and easy way to also look at your site content to find tweaks that help.

Login to Webmaster Tools and look at your search queries page. Here, you find data about the searches your links showed up for, and the searches they got clicked on for.

If you see, you show up for far more searches than those that convert (get clicked). So what is happening between that particular cup and lip?

What is happening is that you are appearing on the results page, and the results around you are getting clicked, and you are not. What it basically means that your title and description showing in the search results is not working to get attention.

Quick fix:
  • Search for those terms you appear in the top ten, but don't get clicked for.
  • Replicate the search.
  • Which is that page of yours that's showing up?
  • Look at your neighbours. What do their links read, what does their description read? What does yours say?
  • How can you change your page title to make it more interesting in that page when it appears there?
Edit. Done.

You don't have much control over the descriptions in Google, as they often are excerpted from the content relevant to the search (which actually works just fine for our objectives). However, changing the title will help you seem more capable of answering whatever it is the search is inquiring about.

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