Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wordpress 2.8.1 Editor Problems?


  1. You upgrade your wordpress. Things are good
  2. Suddenly, you go to make a new post, or edit an existing one, and voila, it opens with html code.
  3. So you click on the 'visual' tab, of course.
  4. Nothing whatsoever happens.
Other symptoms -
  1. White text on white background - its there, just not visible.
  2. Tough to upload/edit images
  3. Tough to assign tags
  4. Some issue with moving widgets around.....
Everybody and his cousin knew that there was a problem with the text editor in 2.8.0. You have gone from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1. surely this is not happening to you?

So what has really happened? My suspicion is that since they took out the fancy editor in 2.8.1, for some reason, your broswer cache lets it seem to work for a while longer than it actually does, so when it finally clears and you don't have it anymore, you don't even think of the update, since it had seemed to work since then.

What you have lost is just the fancy editor.

Never fear, when this nerd in progress is here!

Do so:
  1. Upgrade your Firefox - for some reason, I observed that wherever people having this problem spoke about their browsers, there was mention of outdated versions of firefox. Wondered if they were linked for quite a while before giving it a shot - it worked. Didn't solve the problem completely, but it was much better, and I was then able to solve it easily.
  2. You will now be able to see clearly where you stand with this. You will notice the difference between the html and visual views, and both will function, though without the editor - so you have one with bbcode kind of mark up and html.
  3. Install the FCKEditor plugin.
  4. Done.

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hanum said...

The latest version of the self-hosted version of WordPress ( – version 2.9 – has just been rolled out to users.

This release is called “Carmen” and includes a number of notable additions, including the beginnings of a WordPress (WordPress) image editing tool (cropping, scaling, and rotating), simpler video embeds, and batch plugin updating that should save you a bunch of time.